A self-taught artist...

Terri is most at home with the simple combination of pencil and paper. Enjoying the humbling process of making mistakes with no ‘undo’ button. Her work is uncomplicated and honest, endeavouring to create art that makes people smile, just a little.

  • Gwendolyn

    A story of friendship, adventure and finding your home.

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  • Room on our Rock

    A heartwarming story about sharing and compassion.

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  • Move That Mountain

    An inspirational story about how even the smallest voice can make a big difference.

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  • Terri’s style is playful and subtly expressive. She likes to bring a sense of movement, whimsy and a little humour into everything she creates.

  • Working primarily in watercolour, this medium requires plenty of patience and even more practice. Drawn by its ability to create a subtle atmosphere with the lightest of touches, less is always more when handling this notoriously temperamental medium.

  • Inspired by the natural world. Terri finds much to wonder at daily. The sprouting of wildflower seeds in her garden, the daily commute of the grey heron as it passes over her home each morning or the sight of her rotund pet pig Mabel, galloping at top speed down the paddock to receive her daily scraps. Each as miraculous as the other.